Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 24 Flu Update--hiatus coming

The blog will take a hiatus for the Memorial Day holiday.
We will update again May 28.

ProMed with the official report from Indonesia of a recent death (seen here earlier). Note reported exposure to dead chickens.

The patient in Vietnam is said to be recovering.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of two more avian outbreaks in Vietnam.

Farmers in Nigeria are apparently risking more serious health problems by using a banned avian vaccine.

CIDRAP has news on a couple things. First, there is an H7N2 outbreak in Wales. And, OIE does support poultry vaccination, despite controversy. And they cover some outbreaks we have already.

Revere looks at the study of healthcare workers we blogged a couple of days ago. He is encouraging concrete steps to protect workers over "risk education."

The US Treasury has announced a test of the financial system to be able to withstand a pandemic.

MPs in Ghana are asking for a bird flu update

Excellent article on the state of play in the vaccine game. Note GSK's proprietary antigen-sparing formula.

Australian expert says the country is safe for now, but the future is still unclear for H5N1. It is kind of amazing, as close as they are, that there hasn't even been an avian outbreak.

Edinburgh University (UK) is establishing a centre of excellence to lead the fight against bird flu.

Finally, two things. First, in response to yesterday's comments, I am going to put a link to my picture. My space on the HHS blog should be coming next....

And second, I got my notice to be in the Iowa Futures Market for Avian Flu.....We'll track everything here on the CIP?


At 10:58 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Extremely, supremely, and cleanly hilarious.

You do have a keen sense of humor after all.



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