Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31 Flu Update

The Indonesian death (a one year old girl) is H5N1 confirmed.

CIDRAP on Indonesia, and other possible human cases--Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Cambodia.

More on Afghanistan from Cambodia--they say three deaths in children may be H5N1.

ProMed continues to cover the world.

[1] Indonesia, Papua: suspicions denied
[2] Cambodia, south-west, ducks: new outbreaks
[3] Thailand, dogs: suspected
[4] Denmark, wild birds: update
[5] Cameroon, wild duck

Jordan has its first human case, but its an Egyptian who the government says contracted the disease at home.

ProMed on bird outbreaks in Russia, Israel and Denmark.

I guess he wasn't in the mood to be interview with David Nabarro.

Britain is purchasing Austria flu vaccine, targetted to the front line workers in the economy.

"We have animal studies which indicate it gives good protection."

It is made by injecting the wild H5N1 virus into animal cell cultures.

The vaccine is then fermented in large steel tanks before being purified.

Meanwhile, the BBC gets an inside look at human flu trials in Belgium.

Dr Ripley Ballou from GSK, said: "We believe that using an adjuvented vaccine strategy will allow us to prepare the immune system so that it will be able to respond and recognise a virus that may not be exactly the same as the virus in our vaccine.

Latin American and Caribbean countries are talking about a bird flu task force.

Tanzania has formed a bird flu task force.

More criticism of the British governments flu plans.

Recombinomics on the vaccine results from yesterday--glass is not even half full.

The Pan American Health Organization held a meeting and said that bird and human surveillance are key to fighting the bird flu.

Don't know what to make of says Israeli official is blaming journalists for spreading the bird flu.

On the heels of yesterday's news that the bird flu may hit California first, Secretary Leavitt takes the Flu Tour there.

Leavitt was also in Oregon...noting again that "Oregonians will have to help Oregonians."

More on yesterday's EU flu simulation, detailing (of course) the breakdowns. The Swiss tried to close their borders, and the surveillance system was overloaded.

The New York Times "Ask Science" column fields reader questions on the bird flu.

Ithaca NY paper blames flu "panic" on Donald Rumsfeld and his pharmacy stock portfolio.

Effect Measure on a unique flu issue, as a town in Northern UK changes a plan on a public sculpture because it might attract birds....and the flu.

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