Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 23 Flu Update

A woman in Shanghai died of suspicious symptoms.

ProMed on the WHO containment plan (today's key phrase is "3 week window") and on the death in Shanghai.

ProMed with more outbreak news, including Kazhakstan.

Internet hoax about bird flu across US border in Mexico sends futures falling, is eventually denied.

The Swiss are pointing out that a pandemic risk still exists, even though we now "know" why it doesn't pass from person to person.

Maine is picking up the pace on bird flu, including monitoring modelled on what has gone on in Alaska.

Activists are complaining that measures to protect against bird flu are forcing increased industrialization of the industry, which will cause other disease problems.

Albania and Greece are going to cooperate to fight bird flu.

China had an educational meeting for Red Cross workers to educate on the bird flu.

Banal VOA boilerplate on US preperation for bird flu.

Sweden reports more bird flu in Stockholm (in birds).

The poultry industry commends the US government for its bird flu planning.

Israel, Sweden and France have announced revised bird flu measures.

From Alberta, an article on tough decisions to be made during a flu pandemic.

If 60% of those infected with influenza are expected to die, health-care officials should withhold treatment from those who aren't likely to survive, says Francescutti.

"Don't try and do anything heroic," he says. "Those people should be isolated and made comfortable but let them die because they're going to die."

Hawaii is also preparing for the bird flu.

CIDRAP on yesterday's "deep lung" news.

Ireland says it will have plenty of bird flu vaccine....

and Finland is going to buy vaccine in Holland.

The UN and 46 African countries have signed a pledge to coordinate bird flu efforts.

Earlier this week we ran a story from the Christian Science Monitor that had a contrarian article on the bird flu. Effect Measure says debate is a good thing, and joins right in. Most of all, note that the weight of knowledge now appears to be against the idea there are large amounts of undetected disease, and therefore for the idea that the virus is very virulent.

We also had a story on the lack of effectiveness of closing schools during a pandemic if the kids just turn around and go to the movies. Effect Measure says this makes sense, and says PTO groups should starting planning now.


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