Sunday, March 26, 2006

March 25 Flu Update

A one year old girl has died of bird flu in Indonesia, based on local reports. The reports say she had been in contact with sick birds.

ProMed on Indonesia.

WaPo on yesterday's Chinese death, and on Indonesia.

In Malaysia, two people are being tested, and are suspected to have bird flu. (Note: results will be interesting. These two were uncovered during a door-to-door search.

Denmark has its 12th bird case.

Slovenia says tests there have cleared their poultry.

Israel says its culling is nearly done.

The World Bank is giving the Palenstinians $2M to help fight the bird flu.

Secretary Leavitt is in Colorado on his flu tour...

and he was in Indiana as well.

Recombinomics on the release of the next US vaccine sequence, from the Indonesia stain.

Crofsblog found this...excellent stuff. It uses Google Earth to show flu outbreaks around the globe. Developed by Declan Butler of Nature, this site will be updated weekly. Google Earth is an awesome program, and this is just one of a million different ways it can be used to powerfully illustrate information.


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