Friday, December 02, 2005

December 2 Flu Update--dead birds in the Ukraine, while sick turkeys in North Carolina do not have H5N1

There are 1,500 dead birds in the Ukraine. Sounds like another H5N1 outbreak.

Turkeys in North Carolina have tested positive for low pathogenic avian influenza--ie, not H5N1.

ProMed on the news from Romania and Indonesia.

Physicians have looked at the x-rays of 14 bird flu victims in Vietnam. The seriousness of the symptoms was found to be a good predictor of death.

The lungs of avian flu victims are racked by infections, clogged with pus and surrounded by fluid, and the severity of the symptoms can predict whether the patients will survive, researchers said on Friday.

11 Chinese experts came together to discuss treating bird flu--this included an expert in traditional Chinese medicine.

They are testing dead birds in Ethiopia for bird flu.

Germany is joining the Netherlands in letting birds be outside again.

Chiron India says it would consider importing vaccine from Chiron USA.

A part of Eastern Romania has banned bird hunting.

Connecticut has a plan for the pandemic that a report says still has some holes in it. Still, its interesting. For example, when you quarantine the sick, who cares for them? Family members, and their plan actually contemplates providing them with training and guidance.

The Philippines has banned bird imports from Canada due to bird flu there.

The Student newspaper at Drexel says bird flu is "currently unfounded."

Japan and Vietnam are meeting to share bird flu expertise.

This is a new take. Should you get the season flu vaccination? This expert says yes, because it will keep the seasonal virus and the avian virus from combining within you.

Yesterday, we had the story of the Chinese statement that they worry that local officials do not have the expertise to properly monitor for bird flu. Effect Measure has its take, noting that Chinese secrecy during the benzene spill did not help its credibility.

Malaysia reiterates, healthcare workers get Tamiflu first.

Australian review of Monster at the Door, available in the link to the right. Review says it is the most important book an emerging health epidemic since And The Band Played On.

Dateline Crestwood, IL. Is it safe to eat chicken?

Thanks to Crofsblogs for this. CDC has this article on how to control flu without drugs. Interesting and informative.

The principal difficulties in using nonpharmaceutical interventions to reduce influenza transmission among humans include the peak infectivity early in illness and the short incubation period, which both result in a short serial interval between related cases. Recent reports suggest that the 1918 virus may have been less transmissible than previously thought (R0 1.8–3), although whether public health interventions in 1918 might have affected these estimates is uncertain. If a novel human influenza subtype behaves in a manner similar to the pandemic virus of 1918–1919, available information supports the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions to delay or contain transmission during WHO phases 4 and 5 (limited human-to-human transmission) and use of different interventions to reduce the impact in phase 6 (pandemic phase) (2,3).


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