Thursday, November 24, 2005

November 24 Thanksgiving Flu Update (Here in US)....Is the expert recanting on Chinese cases?

Effect Measure has the Japanese scientist from our last update who said that there were hundreds of unreported human flu deaths in China. Revere had been holding off reporting these rumors because he wanted some independent confirmation, which the scientist appeared to be providing. According to this statement, he was just repeating the rumors we have all seen.

Here is the direct ProMed report.

Meanwhile, China has reported a new flu outbreak, its 21st in recent weeks.

WHO has a situation update on the 35F farmer from Anhui...note the Chinese invitation for WHO to come in and investigate.

WaPO on the outbreak as well.

Inonesia reports an outbreak among bird in Aceh.

Recombinomics cites a report that an Israeli may have H5N1.

Standard and Poor's reports a $US200B impact on the insurance industry in a pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail sorts out the winners and losers in a pandemic--from the recession to the Rx.

The 15M in Vietnam is reportedly feeling better.

The EU has decided the birds must be kept indoors until May 2006.

Kannapolis, NC is preparing for a pandemic.

Roche is allowing local Tamiflu production in the Philippines...without compensation.

Crofsblogs found this review of Monster at the Door in the British Medical Journal. Apparently, its not good, but if you want to read the book yourself, you can purchase it at the link to the right.

Finally, a Thanksgiving treat. The Times (UK) Abroad in America column contains a funny story in which the columnist works through her paranoia on the bird flu, right up to the turkey on the table.


At 2:19 AM, Blogger The Lie Detector said...

"The Avian bird flu is a hoax. It’s nothing but fear-mongering by government and the medical mafia, aided and abetted by our witless media.

Be proactive and keep your immune system strong through proper nutrition and exercise and forget about injecting injurious drugs into your bloodstream. Vaccines are neither safe nor are they effective.”


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