Saturday, November 26, 2005

November 26 Flu Update

New York Times interviews Roche CEO on many topics, including Tamiflu.

Confirmation of bird flu outbreak in Inner Mongolia (China).

ProMed notes that the number of outbreaks makes it the most impacted known area in China. In addition to the quote below, ProMed calls attention to a call for local governments to "strike hard" at people making fake vaccines.

Health authorities yesterday intensified an information campaign on prevention of human infections, using prime-time TV slots and major newspapers urging people to maintain a hygienic and healthy lifestyle and process poultryproducts with caution.

ProMed has the OIE report from China.

ProMed has the official report on the new case in Vietnam (via WHO) reported earlier.

A turkey in Romania has H5--first case outside the Danbue Delta. N1 has to be confirmed.

Indonesia has a new human case (I believe same as reported yesterday), and other news from around the world.

Via Crofsblogs, there's another potential new case in Indonesia. (He notes its getting hard to keep up and he's right.)

In Aceh (Ind0nesia), a small cull was held.

In India, they are preparing for a public education campaign.

In Oregon, bird flu is not considered an "imminent" threat.

Meanwhile, Colorado is watching carefully.

A flu monitoring campaign has started in Tanzania.

Indonesia producing Tamiflu, Roche OK so long as it isn't exported.

The Canadian government has advised travellers to see a Dr. about precautions to take if travelling abroad.

A Kuwaiti official is asking people to remain alert, but calm.

Effect Measure with a whimsical look at the poisoning pigeons.


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