Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 13 Flu Update--9th flu death in Indonesia

A ninth person has died in Indonesia of the flu.

CIDRAP on this story and others in the news. Note that Indonesia says that better surveillance could be behind the perceived increase in cases. (My note: by implication, that must mean there were more cases before than we thought.)

ProMed on the ninth death--noting contact with sick chickens.

Crofsblogs notes that other stories tell us six more people are sick, which is news.

There's fear of civil war ramping up in Sri Lanka again, and WHO warns about its impact on health, including bird flu.

GPs in Australia say they have been left out of the flu planning process, and that in a pandemic there would be no way for them to get accurate and reliable information in real-time.

Bird lovers continue to object to the characterization of wild birds as "carriers" of the flu---they are "victims."

Germany is relaxing its poultry restrictions--the birds can come back outside.

In contrast, Madrid has extended its restrictions.

FDA has warned nine companies selling purported bird flu remedies--it must stop.

CIDRAP on the FDA Warning.

Ukraine outbreak extends to 12 areas in the Crimea.

Gartner research urges clients to prepare for bird flu pandemic. They say by mid 06, companies should:


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