Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 8 Flu Update--Fifth Case in China

There's a fifth human case in China. 31F.
According to this story, she owned chickens that died of the bird flu. She was initially a false negative, and no one around her is known to be sick.

ProMed on the new Chinese case. Just as importantly, you will recall a story that said the 35 million Chinese had immunity to bird flu because it had been there before. A conclusion is drawn in ProMed today--that such a statement is unfounded.

There are no corresponding data reported for N subtypes, so a conclusion that these antibodies indicate prior presence of H5N1 in the human population is unfounded, and there is no support for an estimate of 35 million Chinese citizens with H5N1 antibodies.

A Chinese minister has called on local officials to double up their bird flu efforts--using law and science if necessary.

Bloomberg reports that pandemic flu could cost the economy $675B counting all possible costs.

Outbreaks in Ukraine are confirmed H5N1.

There's another outbreak along the Danube, in Romania.

India and 15 other Asian countries have pledged to cooperate--again.

Meanwhile, the quarantine has been lifted in two Chinese regions.

ASEAN countries are meeting on Monday, and the flu is on the agenda.

The Toronto Star contains the report of two writers who want to see the flu addressed in the Canadian Winter Election.

Scripps Howard on the new flu vaccine production methods.

Sen. Schumer says that Roche has reached production agreements with 15 other companies to produce Tamiflu.

Vietnam has distributed 420,000 doses of Tamiflu to local government.

ViaCrofsblog, here's a report that isn't too surprising. Hospitals will spread the flu on their own.

A .pdf of the report.

There is an outbreak in Zimbabwe, but its H5N2.


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