Monday, November 21, 2005

November 21 Flu Update--China Crisis is "severe," and getting worse

China continues to as flu hotspot, as the flu hits its 21st outbreak, and problem is termed "severe."

In response, the country is tightening its flu controls even more.

Bird flu (H5N1) was found in Romania again as well.

North Korea is also stepping up its bird flu campaign.

In BC, Canada, the bird flu found there is not H5N1.

Promed reports on the bird flu in BC.

ProMed also has OIE reports from Japan and China.

The news was reverberating today with the story of a new death in Indonesia, reported here yesterday.

In Vietnam, there are five new bird flu cases reported.

Vietnam also said it will produce 50M doses of flu vaccine.

Follow up: I'm surprised we haven't heard this earlier--veterinary staff in Vietnam are reported by Recombinomics to have bird flu.

A Senator in the Phillipines is suggesting that the country not spend its own money on pandemic protection, but use a US loan. (Odd, since the US Congress hasn't approved using more here yet, either.)

There are some novel genetic markers in an H5N1 positive swan in Mongolia. This will mean their migration will be easier to track. (Recombinomics).

Crofsblog has noted that the Official US Pandemic website is updated less often than his site (and this one, for that matter) and that's a disappointment.

Corn future prices were down today, because of fears that AI would reduce worldwide feed demand.

Belize is taking steps against bird flu.

On a trial basis, a company is producing generic Tamiflu in South Korea.

Tamiflu and Bird flu are already causing a different kind of viral activity--SPAM.

In Taiwan, they are reporting that there are three plants which can substitute for star anise and its key acid in making Tamiflu.

Promed with news from Asia, including a hygiene campaign in Hong Kong.

Media report from Reuters on the hygiene program in Hong Kong--cover your mouth....

WHO says Thailand and Indonesia are ready to fight the bird flu.

Effect Measure has a US-China bird flu comminique, which does not appear to be impressive to Revere.

Spencerport, NY looks back at the flu in 1918.


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