Sunday, November 13, 2005

November 13 Flu Update--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes best vaccine story this year.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a great story on vaccine production--the risks, the production constraints, the effect of profit, the potential health downsides. Comprehensive.

IHT surveys the world's flu outbreaks, including the death of a 20F in Indonesia, which is being tested for bird flu.

APEC promises joint action on the bird flu.

From Sauk Centre, Minnesota, AP reports on confidence from the poultry industry that H5N1 can't hit our birds.

More on a story we reported yesterday...the mutated bird flu virus is more resistant to drugs.

In India, a report notes that investors are trying to assess who will be the winners and losers from the bird flu.

From the Bangkok Post, bird flu and factory farming are linked.

In India, they are assembling a committee of experts to monitor bird flu.

Here's a Scripps-Howard story from the Wendy Orent camp. People are going to love this.

"We are very unlikely to get an avian flu strain that is infectious to humans," said Daniel Perez, an assistant professor at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. "The chances of getting hit by avian influenza from wild birds is the same as getting hit by a lightning bolt."

In counterpoint, Klaus Stohr of WHO was interviewed on the flu and gave the opposite viewpoint. (Emphasis is mine.)

The fear is that the virus will become transmissible from human to human. This fear is real, it's scientifically substantiated, and we have enough historical data to tell us that the pandemic that would come out of this mutation would lead to a global health emergency, with millions of deaths, a global spread in less than three months and people in the developing countries being hardest-hit. It'd be inappropriate and wrong to disregard these signals. The chances of it causing a pandemic are logarithmically higher than the chances it's not going to cause a pandemic.
Wikipedia on the logarithmic scale.

The Missourian (where tomorrow's journalistic leaders are training) has this article on the bird flu.

Wheeling, West Virginia has this story, interviewing local officials on the bird flu threat.

Bird flu mutation moving closer, says Vietnemese scientist.

Lots of coverage on the Japanese story linking Tamiflu to the death of two children in that country. VOA here.

Qatar notes that it has no Tamiflu.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a story on reverse genetics as a vaccine development tool, as human race virus.

Boulder, CO paper has a local angle on the bird flu there.

Apparently, the Flu Wiki has been under attack from someone who says its authors hide behind email addresses and are not credible. On Effect Measure, Revere posts a strong rebuttal on what the secrecy is for, and what it is supposed to accomplish.

ProMed on news from across Eurasia, including a new outbreak in China.

ProMed on the study of isolates in Vietnam and the new case in Indonesia.


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