Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 7 Flu Update--International Flu Meeting Kicks off

Helen Branswell writes on day one of the flu summit.

Public health leaders urged countries to practise their pandemic plans. Animal health leaders urged affected countries to use safe poultry raising practices. And developing countries clamoured for a fair share of the antiviral drugs and vaccines they know wealthier countries are stockpiling or developing.


"We cannot give any guarantees. But we can certainly say we have a very good chance of at least postponing the event if we constantly fight it by reducing the virus in birds," said Dr. Alejandro Thiermann, president of the international animal health code for the OIE.

A delegate from Thailand may have undercut the salability of that message. He noted his country, until recently the poster child for success in avian flu containment, went a year without an outbreak. Now once again, poultry flocks around the country are dying and human infections have resumed.

WHO has confirmed two new cases of bird flu in Indonesia.

Here's the official WHO report on Indonesia.

Russia says bird flu confirmed in 12 areas, suspected in 9 others.

China says 6 million birds in Liaoning culled, borders being watched very carefully.

All poultry markets in China have been closed, via Crofslog via Declan @ Connotea.

The World Bank puts the bird flu price tag at $800B.

Roche says it will increase Tamiflu production.

In addition, this article says Roche is seeking a production partner.

Roche says 300 million courses possible...in 2007.

Illinois is re-working its pandemic plan.

The vaccine producing companies are talking about needing state support to increase production. "Out capacity is based on market demand," they say.

In the Indian state of Manipur, near Myanmar, there has been a scare as some dead falcons were found.

Financial Times on the fifth Indonesian death reported here two days ago.

Vietnam also reported its 42nd death.

Also from Vietnam, martial law is possible if a pandemic occurs.

The American Nurse's Association applauds the Administration's pandemic plan.

We are reported here to be at Stage 3 of the pandemic.

Ranbaxy of India says it could produce Tamilfu by the middle of next year.

Bristol, CT says that hygiene is the best way to stop the flu.

CIDRAP on Vietnam and China.

Bird flu Q&A from Newsweek.

Effect Measure looks at an FAO update that sums up the current situation.

Recombinomics writes that, in his view, the bird flu moving into Europe is amantadine sensitive, good news if true.

ProMed on the situation in China, and also on whether you can catch bird flu from eating the eggs of an asymptomatic chicken.

WSJ on why US isn't producing vaccines.

Crofsblog says that a bird in Saudi Arabia is being tested.


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