Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Breaking News...Bush Announces Flu Plan

The President has rolled out his flu plan.

As predicted, its heavy on vaccines and anti-virals. All told, its $7.1 billion. He's also calling for liability protection for vaccine manufacturers.

Here's the text of his address.

Here's a fact sheet from the White House.

The US government also now has a special website set up for bird flu monitoring.

Here's the link to the .pdf of the entire US pandemic plan.

Julie Gerberding (CDC) will have a White House chat on the bird flu today @ 4.

Check in tonight for blogosphere reaction to the plan. As always, your own comments are welcome here.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All in all, he didn't say very much (and his bumbling method of articulation hardly inspires confidence) in terms of specifics, but I suppose it seems like they're heading in the right direction. I still want to know how they plan to really urge communities to prepare on a local level. I'm not knowledgeable enough on the issues to really judge, but I can't really imagine any obvious measures which they won't be taking.



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