Friday, May 20, 2005

May 19 Flu Update

The WHO report detailing the human-human transmission, pandemic potential and the clearly distinct virus types in Vietnam reverberated around the world yesterday, links to which we are not going to reproduce, since most were boilerplate wire stories. Suffice it to say this: it was big flu news in the MSM and the blogosphere.

The Draft WHO report on pandemic preparedness.

CIDRAP comments on the WHO report.

Calling avian flu "the most serious known health threat the world is facing today," Lee Jong-wook, MD, MPH, noted the importance of the window of time between hints of a pandemic and its actual occurrence.

That's a great phrase that's come out in a couple of different contexts. The hints will be there before we know for sure its happening.

Further monitoring in Vietnam has caused WHO to up its case count--CIDRAP writes.

Official WHO Release

45 eggs in China found to have bird flu

Recombinomics asks whether there is human-human transmission in Thailand.

Recombinomics says that the WHO information on 2005 isolates is proof that the shifting and drifting theories are wrong, and the recombination is the key.

Recombinomics has questions based on WHO's answers.

CDC updates the Asia portion of its flu guidance.

Effect Measure has been busy. Here's a story about public health officials keeping their flu plan secret to foil Al Qaeda.

CIDRAP on nursese emigrating to the US from Asian countries, and how that will effect flu response in the old country.

Effect Measure comments on yesterday's flu news.

Effect Measure on the transformation of preperation-or lack thereof--into damage control in the flu arena.

Secretary Leavitt comments in Geneva.


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