Saturday, May 14, 2005

May 13 Flu Update--The Virus works on, the Bureaucrats work on

A Cambodian is suspected of having bird flu, in hospital, stable condition

Recombinomics on this woman's survival, and how it could signal a changing virus.

A man in Vietnam has tested positive for bird flu--and just when the Vietnemese were claiming they had it licked.

CIDRAP has the further info on this....note the use of the phrase "well entrenched."

ProMed Mail on the Vietnam case AND the Cambodian case."

In Asia, they're discussing a continent-wide approach to bird flu.

Indonesia is heightening bird flu surveillance.

Recombinomics on the Indonesia case. Flu has been found in swine, and H5N1 isn't the only type spreading around, creating a mixing bowl in the fourth most populous country in the world.

ProMed Mail on the Indonesian Pigs.

International meetings in Vietnam are designed to give WHO new way to prevent global spread.

WHO denies that the bird flu samples are being hoarded--it would appear there is some dissension in WHO on this point.

WHO official press release.

Effect Measure analyzes the WHO "denial" in typically trenchent fashion.

Recomibinomics on bird flu (not H5N1) in greyhounds in US, discusses recombination possibilities.

Recomibinomics again reminds us that in 1918 bird flu didn't always look like flu, and often looked like meningitis--and there's an outbreak of that in India.

ProMed on an Indian inquiry into the three poultry workers found carrying H5N1.


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