Sunday, March 02, 2008

March 2 Flu Update

ProMed on the Egyptian case.

Yesterday, we ran the story about Australia's involvement in the start of the virus dispute with Indonesia. Today, Revere blogs and comments on how the previous government started it, and whether the current government is living up to its promise to fix it.

Myanmar calls for bird flu action.

Public is helping to monitor birds in Arizona.

Bird flu threat continues in Karachi.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Although Revere’s EM article summarizes the situation between Australia’s John Howard government and Health Minister Siti Supari quite well, I think he missed one important point what her underlying motivations really are: to appease the ruling Muslim clerics in power. That’s the only rationale reason I can fathom, that would compel her to write her book the way she did. She clearly places more importance and precedence on her passion for Islam and demonstrating her zealousness, anti-western fervor, than managing the H5N1 infestation and health crisis in her own country. In fact, the damage (credibility problem) that she has really caused, I believe is irreparable. As a result of her inaction and personal inadequacies, she has allowed the virus to become super saturated throughout the entire Indonesian environment – definitely not a professional model most sane people would want to emulate, I am afraid.

Revere pings on his favorite whipping boy, President Bush, and I don’t blame him. I hate to clog up your blog site with political comments, but if John McCain is elected this fall, we will see countless more Billions and Trillions of valuable dollars being thrown down a mid-eastern rat hole called Iraq, to no avail for four more years.

We are burning out our troops, wrecking our equipment, and totally destroying our entire military morale, at the risk of not being able to sustain not only our health care system, but the entire US infrastructure and economy. The situation is becoming worse than the Vietnam War, far worse, in many respects.

The reserve troops and valuable equipment we would absolutely need during a national pandemic health emergency (or any national crisis for that matter), are being totally consumed and worn out in Iraq.

Very sad situation, indeed. It brings back memories of the past.



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