Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28 Flu Update

Very interesting. Not withstanding the recriminations inside the country, WHO is commending India for controlling the bird flu.

WHO also says that the flu isn't any worse in China than anywhere else. Revere blogs, noting its not a competition, and given what we don't know, we don't need to make it worse, its bad already.

Outbreaks continue in Pakistan.

Vietnemese Ag leaders are combining to fight the bird flu.

Researchers look at the spread of various H5N1 strains, noting that some strains from Southern China never spread. This work has interesting potential.

"Some countries appear more exposed to bird flu invasion than others. Learning that is a good step in discovering which social and ecological factors promote, or, on the other hand, hamper the virus' spread," lead author Robert G. Wallace, a postdoctoral researcher, said in a prepared statement.

In Britain, a local meeting is held about the bird flu.

In Fiji, communication is believed to be the key.


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