Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 8 Flu Update

The father in the Chinese "cluster" is said to be getting better.

ProMed has a typical report out of China. Apparently, there's a new death from a week ago. He died before he could be tested for H5N1. Here's their exposure story.

Yin Kaisheng revealed that during this patient's hospitalization there was no way to confirm [he had] avian influenza. It was the Jiangsu Center for Disease Control's laboratory that detected that the infection was H5N1 type avian influenza virus. Moreover, the patient always maintained that he had no way [to contract] this infection, and had no history of contact with poultry. It is only known that 20 days before becoming ill [he] had been bitten by a dog, and 20 days later [he] developed fever after drinking a little alcohol.

India wants more money to fight bird flu.

Note: Indian PM asks people to think global, act local...

Another outbreak of bird flu in Poland has been located.

Small cull in Bangladesh.

FAO blames bird flu on gloablisation.

Fiji says more than 250,000 people could be sick there during a pandemic.

China holds flu exercise, including Hong Kong and Macao.

American Vet Society says that bird flu response is improving.
Gulf officials (as in Persian Gulf) are meeting about how to prevent the spread of the bird flu.

Indonesia plans a bird flu centre.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Congratulations on your 1,000 posts – a job well done. As my mother Bertha used to tell me growing up, “you will get your just rewards in Heaven”. Now down to business on China, and bare with me on this.

China never ceases to amaze me. Now here’s a fairly smart country – the most populated country in the world – who have made some amazing accomplishments, but they can’t seem to get their bird flu stories straight. Don’t underestimate them, because they are pretty clever people. In fact, to illustrate how smart they can be, consider the following:

In November 2005, the PRC announced that they planned to complete a space station AND a manned mission to the Moon by 2020. Their first unmanned mission to Mars is planned for 2014-2033, followed by a manned phase in 2040-2060. They will soon capture the global share of manufactured vitamins, antibiotics, enzymes and painkillers (in fact, they pour out one third of the entire world’s supply of acetaminophen – Tylenol). Their annual pharmaceutical growth rate is an astronomical 24 percent.

China is also the worlds leader in the current “cyber cold war” effort. It is well documented in western intelligence communities that they are developing ways to use the internet as a weapon to target our financial markets, government computer systems and utility systems. The Chinese were the first to use coordinated cyber attacks for political and military goals. China is the world’s third largest economy in terms of GNP, and will soon be the second within twelve months, after the United States. The only market they haven’t declared war on is world televangelism, and that is only because they are predominately a bunch of atheists and religion is frowned upon by the communist party.

So, we have an extremely intelligent and adept country, which has managed to accomplish some pretty amazing stellar scientific feats, but they still can’t seem figure out how a 24 year old man contracted bird flu, or his father, or his girl friend or his mother. Yet, they are monitoring over sixty “contacts” the young man came in contact with, and there are no poultry infections, no wet market issues, and no human-to-human transmission evident. And, the Chinese health authorities conveniently conduct a joint avian pandemic exercise with Macau, Hong Kong and the mainland. What’s more, the father “miraculously” is recovering after treatment. No details or facts forthcoming.

I can honestly say if anyone buys this fabricated PRC story (including ProMED), then I have some very good land to sell everyone, down in the New Orleans and Tampa Bay areas.

The only thing more ludicrous than China’s bird flu reports, is Indonesia’s reported “CRC-ERID” BSL 3 laboratory to conduct research on bird flu viruses: they claim they have only been able to study dead bird flu viruses thus far. Give me a break… they have the virus endemic to their entire environment and they haven’t been able to study live viruses ?

I have lots more land to sell everyone.



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