Saturday, December 08, 2007

December 7 Flu Update

Just noticed that my last hiatus post was my 1,000th post to this blog. Dang. Thanks for reading!

The big news today is that the Father of a previous bird flu victim in China now has bird flu. This brings up all the normal concerns--has the virus mutated to H2H. In fairness, this has happened before. On the other hand, when it starts, this is how it will start.

Brent [a WHO official stationed in Beijing] said there was no evidence the man had been infected by his 24-year-old son, who died on Dec. 2, but could not eliminate that possibility.

"Because the possibility of human-to-human transmission cannot be ruled out, we will be monitoring this case closely," Brent told The Associated Press. "If it is found to be easily passed between humans, we would be concerned."

CIDRAP notes that China seems to downplay contact with sick birds. (My note: a common infection source is a likely possible answer).

Revere blogs this as well.....says keep an eye on this case....and the rest of them.

Suspected games are now reported in Benin, in West Africa.

ProMed on a European assessment of how the virus travels.

A US bird flu expert in the US is critical of the global surveillance program.

Meanwhile, CIDRAP notes international donations to bird flu fund, including from the US.

The UK is backing down its flu protection measures.

New Zealand is saving some bird flu vaccine for first responders.

Russia is watching bird imports from Poland.

Australia is financially supporting Laos' flu efforts.


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