Monday, November 26, 2007

November 25 Flu Update

Indonesia comes out of the world flu conference with strong statements about not sharing viruses until the proper agreements are in place.

OT: Indonesia blasts a doctor for a similar transgression related to a skin disease.

The recent bird deaths in South Vietnam do not appear to be bird flu.

Yemen says its recent situation was not bird flu.

Pakistan notes the importance of "responsible" journalism and the bird flu.

Sacramento TV stations answers question on what happened to the bird flu.

Saudi Arabia is working harder at fighting the bird flu. They recently stopped truckloads of smuggled birds.

Pakistan has implemented a surveillance program.

Revere on the third birthday of Effect Measure. (Our own is coming in December). Congrats to him. His blog is educational, accessible, and always helps cut through the confusing clutter and bad headlines. Thanks to Revere for having this whim while Thanksgiving dinner was in the oven.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Well, well, well. I see Madame Supari didn’t waste any time getting her mug in the headlines after the Geneva Summit. I really like her statement on the subject of sharing bird flu virus samples: “We will not send samples overseas without an MTA”. And Jakarta said, “it would retain the intellectual property rights and allow access to global vaccine stockpiles at an affordable price”. My take on this is that Indonesia would like to supplant and control the WHO fifty year old virus analysis and selection process, with essentially their own pay-as-you-go system. So we switch from a workable system functioning on “good faith”, to one clearly based on third world control of all deadly viruses and “mistrust and revenue greed”. And she doesn’t even want to cough up a penny of liability if she causes hundreds of millions of deaths, significant social disruption and economic upheaval in the process.

She’s suddenly vaulted herself right up there in the same intellectually stellar ranks as Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the Cuban Castro brothers. In fact, her public “lambasting” of US Dr. Anthony Gaspari, for taking blood samples of an Indonesian patient to render a diagnosis for “massive root-like warts”, without the government of Indonesia’s advance permission, in my view is indicative of her paranoia and schizophrenia. What does a wart diagnosis have to do with bird flu infection anyway?

Lock the lady up in a nut clinic where she belongs and do the world a favor… please someone. Topical debates are healthy, but people are tiring of her megalomaniacal tendencies based on sheer greed for money, which will be used to prop up her corrupt and inept government and non-existent public health system. She really should have sat at the front of the classroom when good citizenry, morals and ethics were discussed.

I also see from your California article, that as usual (like their famed courtroom juries), they can’t seem make up their mind whether preparing for an influenza pandemic in advance is a good or bad thing. I guess if nothing happens, it’s considered a total waste of money and “Arnie-I’ll-be-back” gets the blame. However, if a pandemic does occur, then Schwarzenegger gets to be the fall guy again for not adequately preparing. Go figure…NIMBY mentally in spades all over again.

I will end by extending my congratulations to the Revere’s and their third anniversary of Effective Measure. While I do not always agree with their commentaries, it is indeed a first class operation, involving a heck of a lot of sweat equity. They have my profound respect. I hope they stick around, the world needs good people like them.



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