Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23 Flu Update

Tests in Germany show that H5N1 has reached Bavaria. I assume the "additional" tests are to determine HPAI or LPAI.

A boy in Egypt has tested positive for bird flu.

The 3-year old in Indonesia is said to be recovering.

A retired general is at CDC working on crisis issues. He urges us to have personal pandemic plans.

"If you think the federal government is going to ride in on a white horse, let me disabuse you of that idea," Taylor said in a presentation at the Killeen Heights Rotary weekly meeting. "The federal government is working it and working it hard, but they are a long way from it.

"You need to have your own plan, each of us with our families."

News service story says flu back with a vengance in Vietnam.

ProMed on confirmation of disease in Togo.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Interesting, retired Lt General Pete Taylor, who is in charge of development of an operational response plan for the CDC, stressed the importance of self and family preparedness, via the initiation of a personal action plan. He said, “ I suggest you work on taking care of yourself”. He also said, “if you think the federal government is going to ride in on a white horse, let me disabuse you of that idea”. (i.e., this is a fatal error, miscalculation, and fallacy).

Very good advice.

Coincidentally, earlier this week, Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman Jr. and his state health department director, Dr. David Sundwall, delivered a similar message.

Dr. Sundwall said, “ some people thing is off in the future, may never happen, but I can tell you with assurance as a physician and grounded in the science of the CDC, this will happen. It will hit Utah sometime. It will cost loss of life. It will impact the economy”.

Dr. Sundwall also stated, “people will need to take individual responsibility to prepare ahead of time for an outbreak and not rely solely on the state government’s response when it hits”.

Again, excellent advice.

The world didn’t believe a pandemic was happening in 1918 until it starting sweeping across the world. Masses numbers of people fell ill and died.

Most people do not believe it will happen again in the early 21st Century – they are wrong. It will happen. The rumors and sense of unease circulating through the government are starting to increase. It is said Ms. Supari of Indonesia will start pre-pandemic experimental trial H5N1vaccine inoculations in July and August.

I wonder why ?



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