Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20 Flu Update

Vietnam is going to do a human trial of bird flu vaccine. They are using 20-30 volunteers.

Bird flu in Czech Republic...avian outbreak. No report of whether it is H5 or not.

Chickens were also found dead in Pakistan.

CIDRAP on the $77M given by HHS to work on flu vaccine.

CIDRAP reports on HHS setting up biodefense advisory group.

A group of SE Asian nations met to fight infectious disease, including bird flu.

A similar meeting was held in Africa.

Further dispute with Indonesia. Should stockpiled vaccine be used after a cluster, or after a pandemic is prepared.

ProMed on Wild ducks with bird flu in Siberia, first reported yesterday.

Revere blogs on a meeting about the flu that occurs every three years---and wonders what the world will be like when--and if--the group meets again.

An official Hawaiian delegation is traveling in Indonesia, and planning bird flu seminars.

If you want to apply to be a member, click here.

Employers in Britain are being urged to prepare...

Community based education is being done in the Philippines.


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