Sunday, February 19, 2006

February 19 Flu Update

Today's lead story--ProMed (ProMed!) is reporting 25 suspected human cases in Iraq.

This report says that a 27M died of bird flu in India. He is reported to be a poultry farmer. A mother and son are also reported to be sick and in the hospital.

Later, the Indians said it wasn't bird flu. I don't believe either one, yet.

I think Effect Measure is doubtful of the government.

The Egg Industry in India is shooting back. There is no bird flu there--it is an invention of multi national corporations.

An initial report in India says that bird flu is not initially effecting poultry sales.

India says that the national cooking style will kill flu virus.

Editorial in Financial Times (Bombay) says that the only thing surprising about the bird flu discovery is that it took this long.

(Note. I was reading an article from late last year from Dr. Webster, and he had a line in it that read something like this: watch out if bird flu becomes pervasive in India.)

There are literally dozens of stories on India today. I've tried to pick good ones, feel free to search for a comprehensive list if you like.

New reports on increasing human clusters in Indonesia.

Deja vu all over again....dead birds inside the Cairo zoo and the zoo is closed.

Recombinomics has reports that the bird flu is spreading in Egypt.

France is responding strongly to bird flu....on "war footing" says BBC. ,,

and Germany has sent the army to the island where bird flu was found.

Eygpt also denies a human case that was reported.

Niger continues a desperate struggle against the bird flu.

Crosblogs has this on continued spread in Austria.

Thailand says its controlling bird flu, and ready to talk to exporters about sending flu to other countries.

Winipeg is looking at the potential business effects, including interruptions to key supply lines in medical services.

ProMed on a world survey.

Recombinomics extrapolates some flu news to wonder if bird flu isn't already in North America, via Siberia.

Here's a pandemic preparation survey from Marsh, via crofsblogs.


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