Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10 Flu Update

.....and we're back.

13 people in Indonesia were tested for bird flu....they are all reported to be negative.

San Juan health official tells local audience that a pandemic is likely.

The Japanese are helping to fight animal diseases in Myanmar.

A bird flu planning meeting was held in Thailand.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Good to see you back on the keyboard.

You didn’t really miss much while you were gone in the wilderness, the more things change, the more they stay the status quo (we seem to still have a major issue with truthfulness):

• 13 Indonesians tested negative for bird flu (either the PCR tests were defective due to them being stuffed with Oseltamivir, or the gov’t is outright being deceitful – which is entirely possible). Their illness is being attributed to dengue fever. I think we have the usual credibility problem here – I’m quite surprised they didn’t attribute their illness to migraines. ProMED has announced it will no longer report “suspected bird flu cases in Indonesia”. (I guess they have folded their umbrella on the matter)

• Nigeria and the FAO are reporting widespread outbreaks of a new bird flue strain in their poultry population. The FAO appears totally confused – stating that “it seems unlikely that wild birds have carried the new strain into Africa”. (note: where in Hades does the FAO think the origin of the H5N1 is from , if not from migrating birds – perhaps from camel caravans or mountain gorilla’s?)

Meanwhile, Australia, Great Britain and several other US states and countries of the world continue to state that a “pandemic is inevitable”.

This all tends to make a person think that history is definitely going to repeat itself. In the months leading up to and including the great influenza pandemic of 1918/1919, there were volumes of documented widespread denials of the illnesses and many misdiagnoses of the medical conditions of sick people throughout the world, despite the obvious spiraling number of fatalities. It was only after the mounting illnesses and deaths were undeniably out-of-control, countries then acknowledged that a pandemic was occurring, and it was too late to take preventative action.

Looks to me that many countries are proceeding down the same pathway of ignorance and negation in logic: they have chosen a dangerous trade-off – in other words, “look the other way” and suppress surveillance and disease information - and gamble that H5N1 or another potential virulent and pathogenic avian virus is never going to mutate to easily become humanly transmissible. How ridiculous is this game of chance ….?



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