Monday, January 28, 2008

January 27 Flu Update

A 9 year old boy died in Indonesia.

Some European flu strains are Tamiflu resistant.

The border between India and Bangladesh is closed. Bird flu rampant in area.

India says bird flu crossed the border from Bangladesh.

BBC bird flu update---13 of 19 regions in W. Bengal, disease nears Calcutta.

Hello ACLU, India is holding poultry raids.

Bangladesh is also going door to door.

326,000 birds in Bangladesh effected by bird flu (!!).

17 cows die in bird flu region of India. Bird flu unlikely.

Government claim "belies" the bird flu.

Given that there is some cross-protection between seasonal flu vaccines and H5N1, Revere wonders why more employers don't vaccinate critical employees.

ProMed has this report as well. Note mod comment, as always.

Indian editorial on bird flu.

Wrestlers in Indian are cutting down on their training diet due to bird flu.

31 people are being watched in Thailand....not likely to be a big deal.

Bird flu political conspiracy alleged in India.

More on Kaiser's genetically based vaccine.

More on Hawaii's bird flu prep.


At 6:19 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I see according to your news articles today that the chaotic situations in both India and Bangladesh are still continuing, much akin to a Chinese fire drill. I don’t see any clear end game or Hail Mary solution in sight for either country to end their current H5N1 infestations. To make matters potentially worse, even seasonal viruses are becoming more resistant to Oseltamivir (no big surprise there). In fact, one has to wonder when these bird flu outbreak situations in Asia do draw to some conclusion – what in the world are these poor villagers going to eat ? Are we seeing another Sub-Sahara starvation scenario and political unrest/upheaval in the making ?

Did you notice the following statement carefully embedded in your “wrestling article”, in regards to India’s declining egg sales and the proposed creation of “export zones”, as a possible solution to their bird flu outbreak: “Anuradha Desai, chair of Venkateshwara Hatcheries, says the only way around the problem is to create export zones – such as countries like the US, China, and Malaysia, among others”. I don’t know about anybody else in the US, but I’d prefer not to eat imported Indian eggs at this time. If our government caves in and allows this, I am going to write my congressman and suggest they ship these eggs to the Great Lakes, Washington DC and Canadian areas, rather than to the South East portion of the US. I want to feel totally safe when I eat my Saturday morning IHOP omelet or Egg MacMuffin.

Also, did you notice the following statement in your Kaiser Permanente article that describes the genetically based vaccine that is being given to 600 volunteers in Northern California ? The article says, “To produce the genetically engineered vaccine, scientists infect cell cultures created from a common type of caterpillar with an insect virus that has spliced into it a gene coding for a influenza virus protein that triggers a protective immune response”. All I can say is that if Revere thinks more businesses should encourage critical employees to get seasonal flu vaccine shots – how is any reasonably sane person going to react to getting a seasonal influenza inoculation, from a vaccine developed from caterpillar and insect genes ? Even I would think twice about getting that kind of vaccine jabbed into my arm (who wants to end up like the Human Fly or develop Spiderman climbing abilities?).

I see you picked up on the fact that the authorities in both India and Bangladesh are going door to door in the poor villages, probably indiscriminately searching for undeclared and sick poultry to destroy. This undoubtedly is a major infraction of individual’s civil rights I suspect, and definitely cruel and unusual punishment, as far as the chickens are concerned.

I have tipped off Fox News and they are going divert from their Primaries coverage and have Sean H. and Rush L. air some coverage that is fair and balanced. Also, I have contacted the ACLU and PETA organizations and they are going to get involved.

That ought to help clean up the bird flu mess over there. It's the least I can do.



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