Friday, December 29, 2006

December 28 Flu Update

A third province in the Mekong Delta is reporting bird flu outbreaks among birds.

In response, Vietnam continues to preach awareness.

Effect Measure on claims from the Philippines that there is no bird flu in that country. Post shows a map that would suggest that if there isn't bird flu in the Philippines, there should be...then doubts the efficacy of recent security measures.

From The Daily Mail (UK)...claiming British scientists are on the verge of a universal Influenza A vaccine that would last for years (This will have some credibility when the BBC picks it up).

Azerbaijan is continuing bird flu surveillance, though they say there are no cases among birds recently.

A Christian Journal in France reminds its readers that Churches might have to close if the bird flu strikes.

The Deputy-Director of Bangkok Health says the disease is now local--the government has the ability to contain it if there is an outbreak.

Interesting, honest article from Saudi Arabia--people are aware of the bird flu, but losing vigilance as the threat is perceived to fade.

Globe and Mail on Christmas tree disposal notes that pine trees can be used to make Tamiflu.

Leading indicator of more flu? Indonesia is investigating 22 mysterious fever-related deaths over the last two months. Watching and waiting advised...


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Lest I be too blasphemous, I found your article about Christians recognizing their need to step up and acknowledge the world threat from Avian Influenza, quite a contrast in philosophy, as compared to, say, the Muslim 3M gathering of humans for Hajj in Saudi Arabia, which began this week. I absolutely question the wisdom of allowing 3M people to assemble in a region where H5N1 is prevalent. In particular, near Egypt, where there are still unconfirmed reports of even more numbers of sick infected villagers in the Nile Delta area (this is similar to alarming unconfirmed additional influenza mysterious deaths being reported in Indonesia). Just one question everyone… what are the odds of exposing 3M confined people to a normal H1 or H2 type A epidemic (as is occurring in Jordan), let alone, introduce the possibility of a H5 deadly strain nearby, and nothing happening ? Granted, Saudi Arabia has declared their country “bird flu free”, but Ol’ Wulfgang really doubts that the Prophet Muhammad wants potentially millions of people suffering from an avian influenza pandemic in this world, on the assumption they will be exempted from punishment in the next life. Seems to me, I heard similar “bird flu free” declarations from countries in the Asian areas earlier this year, whereas in recent months, H5N1 has re-emerged with a vengeance in those same exact countries. Surprise, surprise.

To my specific point, the comments by Christian film producer Donald L. Hughes, really are right on the mark. Great article – maybe this will motivate some people in N. America to get-on-the-stick. His statements that the entire Christian community must step up to their responsibilities, and not treat avian influenza as a “Y2K” type thing – and get away from the “out of sight, out of mind” mindset, is quite apropos. He very astutely says, “without preparation, we’re going to be in the same bad situation as everyone else”, and “we need to prepare now in practical ways, and we also need to prepare our minds and hearts for a possible Bird Flu plague. Once it hits American shores the disease, or the panic, will spread so fast that opportunities to prepare will be lost”. Yeah, baby, right on… kick the tires and light the fires !

He could have been a student of the 19th century great scientist, Sir Thomas Henry Huxley, who said “Logical consequences are the scarecrows of fools and the beacons of wise men”.

Last comment is on the use of thermal scanners in Philippine airports to spot feverish passengers ? Nah, forget it. They are better off saving their money and training some canines to perform this function. All they require is some Alpo and they can kill several birds with one stone.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Orange said...

There could be a day where you might not want 3M people gathering in one place, but with the transmission of the flu as it is today, it is premature to try and stop it. I would be hard--or even impossible--during a pandemic as well, but to try and stop it today would be needlessly provocative.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I hear you and agree entirely with your viewpoint. If the unequivocal signs of a pandemic become present, say at an elevated stage 4 or 5, then the issue of large gatherings of people, whatever the reason, would become rather moot. Then I could easily imagine a gathering of 300 people being considered...well, insane, without personal protective equipment.



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