Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February 8 Flu Update

Today's real lead story is the spread of the bird flu. Note the diversity of locations in today's news. Effect Measure agrees, saying "The Beat Goes On."

As reported earlier, bird flu is in Africa, in birds. This news story calls the spread "alarming."

WHO report on Nigeria.

OIE report on Nigeria.

CIDRAP on Nigeria--the flu killed 40,000 birds on one farm and is a month old though it may have picked up last weekend.

ProMed with extensive news from China and Nigeria.

Promed also has reports from Nigeria, noting that no cases from neighboring countries have been reported. However, given the placement of Nigeria on migratory flyways, it is plausible. (My note--just as plausible is unreported flu in the other countries.)

Recombinomics is all over the Nigeria story, here, here, here, here, and here.

More bird reports from Hong Kong, too, including a dead egret. H5N1 confirmed.

As reported yesterday, a new case has emerged in China, along with a bird outbreak as well.

Reuters on the potential case in Southern Iraq. There were no known outbreaks there in birds, but there are reports of the family having some dead pet birds.

ProMed on this Iraqi case, noting (in mod comment) discrepansies in reporting about the facts of the case, though not the end result.

There are also new bird outbreaks in Romania.

In the Ukraine, the government is pledging better efforts to stamp out the flu.

The flu has caused 9.7M fowl to be culled in Turkey.

There are reports that the poultry trade in the Gulf is suffering due to bird flu.

Drills will take place in the Russian Far East.

Arizona released a revised version of its bird flu pandemic plan, and say they are ready.

HHS has some $$ reserved in the budget for state and local planning.

Crofsblog has this from the BBC--Nigerian farmers say they sold their dead birds to market, fearing they would not be compensated.

Kurds are struggling to keep bird flu out of a major city. (Via Crofsblogs).


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