Thursday, February 10, 2005

Recombinomics Evaluated

We quote recombinomics here a lot. He's provacative, educated, and a great source of news on the flu. I think he adds to my site, and most of you who are reading this came here from his site. My blog is to keep track of the news, and leave the evaluating to others. In that vein, Effect Measure evaluates Recombinomics today. See what you think.


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry Niman is an alarmist. he became famous for his news list-serv during the SARS outbreak and got quoted very often (though he had never done any primary research on SARS) as "Dr. Henry Niman, the harvard professor who has been closely following the SARS outbreak..." He is wrong often and ignores evidence that does not fit with his hypothesis. After the primary outbreak, henry was convinced SARS would be back with a vengeance. Where is it? When the Surrey BC nursing home had an outbreak of respiratory illness, Henry was adamant that it was SARS. Even when nobody could confirm HealthCanada's results, he still thought it was SARS. Even when HealthCanada, responsible for the work, said 'nope, we made a mistake, it is not SARS', Henry said SARS. He needed it to be SARS to stay in the spotlight.

His favorite quote from that time was 'the spin goes on.' The spin comes from him over and over again.

Most recently, he took the word of a single individual over that of many and declared a new Ebola strain in China. It is now known that it is Streptococcus suis causing those illnesses and the Ebola news/commentary has quietly disappeared from his site. Nobody in science takes him seriously. It is only pseudojournalistic websites that give him visibility. He is useful for collating news, but be very careful when using his commentary to form your knowledge base.


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