Thursday, December 30, 2004

WHO Avian Flu Press Release Leads 12/30 news

WHO Press release on Avian Flu

Young Girl in Vietnam in critical condition with H5N1. Vietnam forced to admit bird flu not under control in that country.

H7 and H9 now reportable in Hong Kong based on WHO consultation. Only now?

China reports basic surveillance as "ringing alarm" against pandemic.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Today's Flu Digest--December 29, 2004

CBC reports that China is increasing its surveillance of its border with Vietnam. Some people believe that flu pandemics have always started in Southern China.

Bird Flu can now be detected faster, helping containment efforts

Birds, Pigs, and now dogs. Researchers are studying how a virus jumped from cats to dogs to see how it might similarly jump from birds to people.

Bird Flu can now be detected faster, helping containment efforts

5:14 Update
Thailand and Vietnam Battle Bird Flu"

Two new bird flu outbreaks in Vietnam"

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Race is On

CTV of Canada tells the story of scientists racing a virus. Increasingly alarmed, the race is on to learn how the avian flu could mutate to a human form. If it does, it unleashes a virus which no one on earth would be immune to.

Report from WHO Conference

Who's grim prediction and reliance on Asia

Tet monitoring in Vietnam

Vietnam carerfully monitoring bird flu leading up to Tet, a major holiday that could be a veritable viral mixing bowl.


Thailand is also working on bird flu efforts and could be hampered by the tsunami.

Sri Lankan mystery fever

Sri Lanka says its mystery fever is not the flu. If these is flu in Sri Lanka, what will the severe natural disaster due to complicate efforts to fight its spread or even to monitor its presence?

A New Vaccine Approach?

Husband and Wife Team with new Flu Vaccine approach that doesn't focus on antibodies, but rather on focusing on blocking the receptors to prevent flu attachment at the point of entry.

Politics and the Flu

Politics and the Flu in Taiwan

Monday, December 27, 2004

Japan Bird Flu Case Discovered

Bird Flu in Japan

The BBC and others have reported bird flu in Japan, which is a first.